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EQ3: Small Company, Big Ambitions

Modern and democractic design

EQ3 thinks modern design should be affordable and we're doing our best to deliver that ideal. High design has become out of reach to the average consumer while the alternative is often quite limited and disappointing. Through international and local manufacturing we are able to achieve the best processes and prices to pass along to our customers. Accomplishing this is a challenging task when you're a small company, but big ambitions go a long way. EQ3 shapes the whole cycle of each product. From idea to the drawing board, and from the factory floor to our ten EQ3 stores across the country, we control the process every step of the way.

EQ3 has been proudly located in Winnipeg Canada since its inception in 2001. Most of EQ3's designs begin here with scratches on notepads and napkins, but our in house design team also works with designers from around the world to create a range of modern product reflecting our Canadian heritage of multiculturalism.

Most of our products are made in Canada

While we utilize the knowledge and expertise of our custom upholstery plant below our head office in Winnipeg, we also enlist the skills of factories in Asia for other products. The EQ3 product development team travels overseas regularly to visit the factories that produce our bedroom sets, occasional tables, etc. Strong relationships with our overseas partners has resulted in higher quality and more environmental products. We also work together to ensure that working conditions and processes within the factory are respectable for all involved.

Extending that notion of collaboration beyond our own city, EQ3 is excited to introduce EQ3+: a new offering of selectively chosen classic design pieces. To complement our diversity, we are excited to offer select items from Alessi and Herman Miller to name a few.

In a nutshell we really love furniture: making it, and letting it help make your space yours.

Winnipeg warehouse staff

Our warehouse staff in Winnipeg