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Environmental Responsibility

EQ3 and the environment

EQ3's largest collection of Core furniture manufactured overseas features water based finishes, and veneers from environmentally managed forests which are FSC Certified. By introducing rubberwood for portions of solid wood construction we are utilizing a bi-product of the rubber industry that would otherwise be burned. Where we can, we try and reduce wasteful packaging without compromising the safe delivery of a product. When we make a custom sofa in Winnipeg, we use water-based adhesive so it doesn't stink (for your nose or your health).

EQ3 also likes endorsing a good idea before it's the law. Whenever a motion is set forth to improve standards on particle board emissions by an external agency, we begin to source compliant materials well before the legal date. Hopefully one day it will be law in every country to use water based finishes and particle board with low rates of formaldehyde, but for now we like trying to be ahead of the game.

We definitely don't have all the answers and our steps towards sustainability are simply steps in the right direction. We all have leaps and bounds to make together in order to ensure a healthy planet for our grandchildren. EQ3 wants to do that, and we're trying.